Labor Day our Worker's Holiday

Labor Day our Worker's Holiday
October 31, 2014

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Kickapoo Bottle

From the Booklet "Medicine in Lucas County" by Dr. Throckmorton.

     He was a bewhiskered doctor who lived in the old Penick house on the hill north of where Southgate is now located.  He called his domain a sanitarium and people went there to stay a week or two, sometimes three for steam and herb treatments, or fresh air to cure T.B., in his outdoor rooms, even if it was 20 degrees; they say many got well.  
     He was a Chickasaw Indian, tall and muscular; occasionally wore his bright, robe like clothing on the Chariton square and was around 60 years old.  He even had a booklet about his work and cures and treated according to the Zodiac.  He had picnic tables and shade trees on his lawn and lectured on Sundays, around World War I times.  We hear numerous interesting things about him, but some called him a fake and few seem to remember his name.  He outgrew his location and moved to the Bates Hotel, where he continued a few years.   
     We have a picture sent to us of a bottle picked up on his hill that had contained Kickapoo Indian Oil, one of the Doctor's remedies.

NOTE:  There is a picture of the sanitarium in the Family History Room of the Public Library, but the picture above came from the Chautuaqua Assembly 1903 booklet.

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