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After Many Years

From the Chariton Patriot - June 9, 1880
 Murder Will Out

Last week an article appeard in the Patriot, copied from the Hawkeye under the caption of "Murder Will Out," giving a brief account of the arrest of Jacob Smith, of Russell, Iowa, on the charge of murdering a man said to be his uncle.  The Ottumwa Courier contains the following information concerning Smith, and the circumstances of the murder.

Tuesday afternoon Isaac Logan, Esq., living near this city, gave a Courier reporter the full particulars of the murder as far as known.  He says that Jacob Smith was raised in Muskingum County, Ohio and was never known by any other name.  His wife is a sister of E.B. Vogel of this county in 1868 and settled in the Rhinehard neighborhood and worked in Blakesburg at blacksmithing, his family living on Vogel's farm one winter.  From there he moved to Russell, Lucas County, where he has ever since resided, with the full knowledge of the people of Muskingum County, Ohio.

"The name of the man murdered was Jacob Baughman, a well know bachelor, living by himself two miles of Smith's place.  Baughman was Smith's cousin - not his uncle as reported.  Smith was well acquainted with all Baughman's affairs, and they were intimate and warm personal friends and Smith frequently borrowed money from the murdered man, whenever he wanted it.

In regard to Smith's leaving there, surreptitiously, he says that it is not true.  Smith had a farm which he had sold before the murder was committed, and the sale of his surplus stock, farming implements, etc., took place on Friday, August 29, 1863, and that Baughman was murdered in the evening of Saturday, August 30.  Smith left for the west at the time announced by him before the murder.

Jacob Baughman, who was a brother-in-law of Squire Logan, was plowing on Saturday, the day that he was murdered, near the little town of Roseville.  He left in the evening for his home, where he was found dead on Sunday with his head smashed with a pick or something of that sort, the team being found near the well with the harness still on, indicating that the murder was committed on Saturday evening when he went to water his horses.

Mr. Logan does not believe that Smith committed the murder as he could not have got all the money he wanted without committing any crime and there was the best of feeling existing between the men.

Sometime not long since the grand jury of Muskingum County found a bill against a man by the name of Smalley, charging him with the murder, and it is barely possible that he has in some way tried to incriminate Smith.

When the officer arrested Smith, he expressed a willingness to go immediately and did not ask that the officer produce a requisition as was his right.  He heard this spring that there were some suspicions resting against him and could easily have left the country if he had wanted to, as he was possessed of abundant means,.  His family are all grown, and like himself, are well respected by their neighbors.

This is a curious case, most certainly, and if Smith is innocent as persons most interested seem to think, it is to be hoped that the fact may soon be made apparent and if guilty, let him suffer the full penalty of the law.

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