Friday, March 05, 2010

Former Chariton Lady Celebrates

From the Chariton Herald Patriot - August 4, 1927

Mrs. A.R. Malone, who resided in Chariton many years ago, now of 234 E. 16th Street Des Moines, and who recently celebrated her 86th birthday, is the only real daughter of the War of  1812 living in Iowa.

Her father, Samuel W. Walthal, a native of Virginia, served the entire time of this war.  He received a land warrant for 160 acres of land, which was entered at Iowa City in 1851, when it was the capital city of Iowa.  His land was south of Chariton, known as the Scott Rogers farm, and is now the Penick addition.  He was a slaveholder in Virginia, but decided he wanted to go to a free state, so disposed of his slaves and moved to Indiana.  Later he entered Iowa at Fort Madison.  Among commodities purchased at this point was a cook stove, the first this family had ever owned, therefore, the first which Mrs. Malone, then 9 years of age, had ever seen.  Her mother, having slaves during her early married life, never cooked a meal until after she had a family of four children.  Mrs. Malone, widow of Jacob Malone, has 9 children who are living, Mrs. Ida M. Smyth, Mrs. Nettie Foanot, Mrs Sue Marion, and Mrs. Pearl Robison of Des Moines; Mrs Maud Jeffrey, Burlington; Mrs. Mary Ellis, St. Joseph, Missouri; Chas. Malone, Davenport; Will Malone, Tucson, Arizona; and Frank Malone of Kansas City, Missouri.

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