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Four Articles Regarding First Time Occurances

The following four articles are from the Chariton Leader - June 14, 1932

The First Mortgage in Lucas County
The first mortgage executed and recorded in Lucas County was made by Thomas Wilson a pioneer and member of the Board of County Commissioners in 1850, to Seth Richards, to secure the payment of money due the latter of which the following is a copy.

"Know All Men by These Presents:  That I, Thomas Wilson, of the County of Clarke and State of Iowa, for and in consideration of seven hundred and twenty dollars to me paid by Seth Richards, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, do grant bargain and sell unto the said Seth Richards, his heirs and assigns, the following described land in the county of Clarke and Lucas, Clarke County, being attached to Lucas, and State of Iowa, to wit:  The northwest quarter of section thirteen, in Township seventy-one north of range, twenty-four west, being in Clarke county and the northeast fractional quarter of section five in township seventy one, north of range twenty-one west containing one hundred and eighty-three acres, being in Lucas county, State of Iowa, aforesaid: and convenants that he shall quietly enjoy the same free from encumbrance; and that I do warrant and will forever defend the same to him against all lawful claims; provided, however, and the above conveyance in upon the express condition; whereas, I am justly indebted to the said Seth Richards in the full sum of seven hundred and twenty dollars, which is to be paid in two years; but if paid in one year to be satisfied with six hundred dollars.  Now if the said Thomas Wilson shall well and promptly pay, or cause to be paid, to the said Seth Richards, his heirs and assigns, when the same shall become due, the said amount of money with the interest thereon, then the above conveyance to be null and void, otherwise to be and remain in full force and effect."

Thee mortgage was subsequently satisfied by Thomas Wilson when he paid six hundred dollars at Ottumwa one year later.

One of the first money lenders in Lucas County was Anna Arnold, who obtained the first divorce in Lucas County.  It is not known whether Anna received alimony or a settlement from her husband, Scott, who was quite prominent in the early history of Lucas County, but at any rate she became quite well known for her money lending activities.  Among the first mortgages she executed was one by John Williams and his wife, Matilda, given as security on sixty dollars and listing lots three and four, block eleven in Chariton.
The First Quit Claim Deed
First Quit Claim Deed in Lucas County was made by George Temple in 1851.  This class of conveyance is generally given where the grantor's title is not perfect in him, is of such character that he cannot safely warrant and defend it against the claims of all other persons-where he has a claim, or some interest in the land which he thus releases, as shown by the following:

"For the consideration of one hundred and seventy dollars, I hereby quit claim to Luther Holbrook, of Lucas county, and State of Iowa, all my interest in the following described land, viz:  the west half of the northwest quarter and the west half of the southwest quarter of section twenty-four, in township 72, north of range twenty-two west, lying in the county of Lucas aforesaid, and containing one hundred and sixty acres."

First Public Highway
The first public highway laid out and established in Lucas County was in September, 1849.  The board of county commissioners at its session of that month, made a resolution appointing several Lucas County men to act as "viewers" on that road, to meet at the house of Joel Lowder.

Joel Lowder's farm was located in what was then called "Ireland precinct."  It is now Cedar Township, and the Joel Lowder farm is now known as the John Duckworth farm, which lies in the northeast part of that township.

This road is not only the oldest in the county, but is the one which pioneer settlers traversed when they went eastward to Warwaw, Ill., to get their wheat flour or elsewhere for their general supplies.

The next public highway established in the county by the board of commissioners was that running from Chariton to the south line of the county near X.E. West's farm in Washington township, intersecting the state road from Ottumwa to Council Bluffs at forty ninth mile post.  James Jenkins was the commissioner appointed to view the route and report.

About the same time, late in 1851, another public road was constructed from Chariton to Newton in Jasper county and to the south line of Lucas county in the direction of Garden Grove, in Decatur County.
Trip To Albia
Takes Clerk Three and One-Half Days to Make Trip to Albia
 At the August election in 1856, delegates were elected to a constitutional convention which convened at Iowa City January 19, 1857, to revise the first constitution of Iowa.  The work of this convention was adopted by the people at the elction of August 3, 1857, by a popular vote of 40,311 "for" to 38,681 "against" and which went into effect September 3, following.  John Edwards, of Lucas county, was chosen delegate to that convention and the vote of the district east for him was canvassed at Albia, Monroe County, and William M. Berkey, clerk of the district court of this county, had to do with the canvassers, as shown by the following bill against Lucas county.

"To horse and buggy three and a half days, for the use of William M. Berkey going to Albia to canvass votes for delegates to constitution convention, eight dollars".  B.R. St. John.

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