Thursday, April 01, 2010

McKinnis Family From Ohio to Iowa

Written by Melody Wilson
Appeared in the Lucas County Notes and Shakin' the Family Tree
Volume 13 Issue 3, September 2008

The McKinnis Family

Charles McKinnis came to America from Scotland around 1750.  Charles married Rachel Carr and Settled in Butler County, Pennsylvania.  The couple had nine children including James.  This large family moved to Jackson County, Ohio, where many of the descendants live today.

James married Margaret Times of Pennsylvania.  Their son, Henry was born in Jackson County, Ohio in 1842.  James and Margaret moved to Marion County, Iowa south of Knoxville in the mid 1840's, along with James' nephew Craner (son of Charles and Martha Craner McKinnis) and wife Karthryn Trusler McKinnis.  Following soon after to Iowa in Wapello County was another of James' nephews, James (son of Robert and Elizabeth Craner McKinnis) and wife Lucy Wickham McKinnis.

When James (son of Charles) died in 1858, Henry and wife, Elizabeth Gilchist McKinnis moved with Margaret to Lucas County, Iowa near Oakley, where Henry operated a saw mill.  Margaret died in 1886, and is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery.  Henry and three of his sons died in a saw mill accident and are buried next to Margaret.  After the boys and their father died, Elizabeth and her four small children moved with her brother to Montana.

Of the others of the nine children of Charles and Rachel, some stayed in Ohio, some went to Kentucky and then Missouri and several journeyed to the west coast settling in Oregon.

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