Thursday, April 01, 2010

Strange Occurances

Watson Cemetery

In the Genealogy history room on the lower level of the Chariton Library, strange things happen throughout the day, when the lights are on.  Fellow genealogists believe it is supernatural and a "visitor" periodically turns one of the fluorescent bulbs off and then immediately back on. 

Last Thursday, Melody called and asked Darlene if she knew anything about caskets being moved from an unmarked cemetery to the Chariton Cemetery.   This was the beginning of the "visitor" directing them all in the same direction.   That night Darlene had arisen from her sleep to transcribe some of the cassette tapes the Lucas County Historical Society had given her and she couldn't make up her mind just which one she wanted to do.  Thumbing through the tapes she settled on the interview done with Grover Dale.  The tape is old and the gentleman was speaking very slow and his voice was very low so it was hard to make out the words.  She was able to hear "Indians", "1939", and "Watson Cemetery". 

When she came into the Genealogy room later the next day, she spoke to Mary Louise and low and behold, Mary had a similar story.  The day before, Mary had been over at the City Hall working on the cemetery records.  The old cemetery books are hard to read, so Mary is typing every name into a computer record so names will be easier to find and research.  She had just come across fourteen graves (3 marked and 11 unmarked) that once had been located in the "Watson Cemetery", up the Whitebreast Hill.  These graves had later been moved to the Chariton Cemetery and the old cemetery had been covered with C.B. and Q. railroad tracks.

Earlier that day, Mary called her Mother, Mary Ellen, who boarded with Grover Dale and his wife while she was a schoolteacher many years ago.  Mary Ellen remembered the "Watson Cemetery" because as a child she had lived "down the hill" from the cemetery.

While Mary Louise and Darlene were talking about the strange "going-ons", Frank Mitchell walked into the room.  He asked if they were talking about the "Watson Cemetery" on Whitebreast Hill.  Frank is in the process of writing a book about Lucas County and in his research had not discovered this cemetery, but was very interested in the details.

Until this day, no one had ever discussed this cemetery and no record of it is in the history room.  Their "visitor" wanted to make sure this error had been corrected.

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