Saturday, May 01, 2010

Poem and Men that died in WWII

From the  Chariton Leader - May 20, 1945

Heroes are Not Born.  Circumstances Create Them
Men who have lived the simplest, homespun lives in time of peace - in defending the ideals they live by, the homes they treasure, the families they love - are capable of the most heroic deeds.  So on this Memorial Day we honor not just the famous names in history books recounting the Civil War and the wars after it in which the United States has engaged; but we also honor especially the boys who have fallen in this latest, and greatest of all wars, World War II, whose names appear below.  Especially are we happy to publish, on the Memorial occasion, an original poem, written by a sister of Carlos L. Poush, one of Lucas County's fallen heroes.  It follows:
The hosts who came, with hushed tones,
In memory of their dead today,
Have left their tears on marble stones
And turned once more to go away.

The hosts have gone, and on each grave
Of those who rest in death's deep sleep
Some token lies as tribute brave
Placed there by hands of those who weep.

The dead see not, nor give a sign
That they remember, too--
They sleep as deeply all benign
As when their graves were new.

And 'round about them, war's mad need
Lays new companions, year by year --
Catastrophe of wrath and greed
That keeps a whole world numb with fear.

Each year the hosts will come and go,
But all their gifts will fade away
And death will reign; the living know
No solace save a memory.

The memory of a trust to keep
For those who fell in line
Upon an altar graven deep
With Freedom's valiant sign.
Composed by Jessie Poush Juntanen
"That These Men Shall Not Have Died In Vain"
 Roy Ellis               Wayne M. Needles
   Lyle Morris           Ora E. Cackler, Jr.
Henry L. Thompson        John E. Baxter, Jr.         
Walter l. Eckerman        Lucille Jervis                 
Paul D. Pastovich        J. Duane Clark           
Floyd H. Zimmer         Richard L. Patterson
Howard M. Oden           Carlos l. Poush            
Loren E. Nussbaum        Kenneth Ross               
Jefferson Osenbaugh        Vernon E,. Pearcy           
Chas. K. Walker           Joseph J. Larson        
 Gerald Gathercole          Wm. Marshall                  
Prosdocimo (Dutch)       Della Betta                     
Ronald Hayes              Arlie L. Hanks             
Beryl Clark                Eugene Peterson      
Mark Bingaman             Robert A. Smith             
Forest Exley              Vernon S. Wells          
Leo Sampson                Franklin W. McDonald 
Herman Skinner            Ellis H. Hatfield                
Raymond Morrison                                                      

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