Friday, May 28, 2010

Wolf Hunts

While at the genealogy room on Wednesday I came across these interesting stories about Wolf Hunts in Lucas County.  They will appear in several blog posts.

Appeared in the February 17, 1886 Chariton Newspaper
Farmers Invite Chariton to Participate in Meet


Big Circle to Close Near May Church with Dinner to Follow Hunt

The great sport event of the year has been planned by the farmers south and west of Chariton in the shape of a great wolf drive to take place on Washington's birthday.  A cordial invitation has been extended to Chariton business men as this is a holiday and many of them will doubtless take part.  The capture of the wolves does not seem as important to most as the capture of the big feast to be served by the Ladies' Aid society of May church, immediately following the hunt.

The lines of the hunt and the names of those in charge are given in the following official hunt program:
North line extends from Lucas east on the Blue Grass Road to the Whitebreast Center school house.  Harry Robison, Captain; John Thomas, Geo. Crow, Mont. Perry, Frank Osborne and Norm Baker, Lieutenants.

West line to start at the Fisher school house and extend north to the Blue Grass Road in Lucas.  H.E. Thorne, Captain; Thurman Mowry, Charley Mundel, Lou Troutman, Eldon Jones and Elmer McCann, Lieutenants.

South line to start at Fisher school house and extend east to Warren Center school house.  Clell Fulton, Captain; A.G. Nessen, Fay Jones, Carl Taylor, George Sloan and Homer George, Lieutenants.

East line to start at Warren Center school house and extend north to the Blue Grass road at the Whitebreast Center school house.  Jake Vincent, Captain; Howard Henry, Harry Calhoun, H.H. Parker, Odie Clevenger and L.H. Busselle, Lieutenants.

Men from Chariton representing the Chariton Commercial club will assist in forming the east line.

Men taking part will be on the line at 9:45 to start the drive promptley at 10 o'clock.  The success of the hunt depends upon each man holding his place in the line and marching to the center, forming a big circle, closing in on the vicinity of May Church.  Every one must walk in and in line to get to the 'killin'.  

Dogs must be held until the line starts forward.  Positively no rifles or revolvers allowed.  In this hunt think of the other fellow.  Any money raised goes to the European Relief.

Lunch served on the grounds after the hunt by the Ladies Aid Society of May Church.


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