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Chariton Lodge No. 63 A.F. & A.M.

From the History of Lucas County 1978 book
Masonic Temple

The lodge was formed in 1853 by James I. Baker and Stephens P. Yeomans.  The two men called a meeting to petition to organize the local order with dispensation being granted August 27, 1854.  Robert Coles was the first initiate on Nov. 2, 1854.

Charter members of the lodge were Yeoman, Baker, T.N. Goss, Joe Mitchell, John Edwards, J.N. McClurg, G.W. Glenn and James Glenn.

The first meeting of the organization, as a fraternal unit, was held Oct. 5,1854, in the Sons of Temperance Hall.  On Jun 6, 1855, the charter was granted and was number 63, although it was believed the number should have been 55.

A committee of two men was appointed May 6, 1866, to inquire into the possibility of purchasing a lot for a proposed Masonic Temple.  Serving on the committee were E.E. Sargent and D.Y. Collins.  A lot was eventually bought, March 5, 1867, upon which is now situated the Central Savings Building.

During 1870-1871 the members met in the Penick building on the west side of the square while plans for a new building were studied.

The lodge was incorporated Oct. 4, 1872, under laws governing benevolent organizations.  On July 27, 1882, a new building was completed in unison with the Odd Fellows for $11,405.02.  In 1904, the Masons bought the building from the Odd Fellows for $16,500 and used it as their meeting place until construction of the present temple was done.

Construction for a new temple to be located at the corner of Grand and Armory was authorized Oct 3, 1935.  The building committee was Mark L. Spencer, Noel W. Cloud, Homer L. Stewart, Charles E. Fluke and L.E. Callison.  The corner stone was laid May 28, 1936.  The complete cost of the new temple was $50,000.  Three hundred Masons attended the temple dedication April 28, 1937.

Two members of Chariton Lodge No. 63, John N. McClanahan - 1880 and William L. Perkins - 1944-45-46, have served the Grand Lodge of Iowa as Grand Masters.
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