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Charley Abrahamson Sawmill

More on the stories behind Sawmills in Lucas County

Glenn Abrahamson wrote the following on Dec. 5, 1994

In the early thirties my dad, Charley Abrahamson wanted to try operating a sawmill.  George Pierschbacher owned a sawmill but he didn't want to sell, so Charley rented it from George.  Later he purchased the same sawmill from George and later still Charley sold it to Stanley Feight.

Charley set it up in the Carnie timber about a mile and a quarter north and one mile east of Renfro School.  A Wallis Cub tractor powered this sawmill.

The next move was to the south edge of Marion County at the Louis Booth farm.  Here he sawed out over 100,000 feet of lumber.  It was still powered by the Wallis Cub tractor.

The farm of Jake Feight, north of Newbern, was the site of the next move.  This mill was powered by a steam engine belonging to Stanley Feight.

In the timber south of the May Church in the timber belonging to George Chapman was where the mill, powered by different tractors, was moved the next time.

South of the Amity school to the Guff Larson timber was the next move; being powered by a Heartparr Tractor.

The last move while Charley owned the sawmill was to the Shaffer farm south of Amity School, in Warren Township.  At this time a Case and a John Deere tractor powered it.

Last Friday a new saw mill began operation at Lucas.  It is owned by B. Goben  and he says he has enough work lined up to keep it going all winter.  The outfit, powered by a 78 horse power diesel unit, is pictured ready to put through its first log.  The log belongs to R.W. Alexander and is a cottonwood log about 74 years old.   From left to right are:  J.L. Hamilton, Orie Dachenbach, Bud Goben, R.W. Alexander, E.F. Davis and George Sams.

Picture was from the October 20, 1949 Herald-Patriot. 

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