Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Wolf Hunts (continued)

Postponed Event Near Russell to be Pulled Off
     The wolf hunt which was to have been held south of Russell on Feb. 22 and was postponed on account of bad weather, has been set for next Saturday, March 4.  The north line is north of Huston's farm extending from road to road; south line, Chariton Creek; east line, straight north and south from Bessie Kell's house; west line, road past Ragtown school house.  Come together where O.H. Evans windmill is located.  This covers nine sections of land, 3 miles square.
     Captains - Orville Cottingham, E. one-half of north line; R.T. Hasten, west one-half west line; Ellis May, north half west line; Ed Ralph, Guy Latham and Werts Bros. - south half of west line, south line from Becker bridge to Hull bridge, Jacob Schumann; from Hull bridge to Logan bridge, George Wright; from Logan bridge to cement river bridge on next road east, Bill Johnson, east line, south half, Harry NcNeeley; south half of this line, George Lewis.
     All captains to get all men to man their lines in advance and assemble the men at 9 a.m. on above date and ready to move and move very promptly at 9:30 o'clock, but slowly, all rifles barred.  All adults are solicited to have shot guns well equipped.  Parents will be responsible for minors carrying guns in these lines and over these lands.  This hunt is held on Saturday to give all school boys a chance to participate.  So come with clubs, boys, but don't try to tote a gun and endanger  somebody's life.  Everybody come from 1 mile outside those lines and help hold them.  It won't take long and maybe we can help you in the distant future.
     Would suggest the following:  Preachers on extreme right:  Mrs. May keep her chickens up;  bankers on extreme left, all business men and irresponsible men straight south except doctors, undertakers, and retired farmers, these to bring up the rear line.  Everybody keep stock in lots until after lines pass.  All stragglers and vehicles back of lines.
     Charity and benevolence to have benefit of all.  Everybody serve where asked and all come and let's have a good time.
     In case of bad weather, except mud, this hunt will be postponed one week. 

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