Friday, July 09, 2010

Holder's Shoe Repair

From the History of Lucas County 1978 book

George Thomas Holder, Jr. Mr. Holder, known throughout the community as "Tommy", has been repairing shoes here for 43 years.  Tommy is a graduate of the School for the Deaf at Council Bluffs, Iowa.

While in Council Bluffs, he learned the shoe repairing business, working four years in the school shop.  Then he returned here to work at $10 a week in the Earl Clark shop.  After two years, he moved into the Donald R. Spaulding Shop.

When in 1946, Spaulding moved to Colorado, he sold the shoe repair shop to Tommy.  It was a large room in the rear of the Brown Shoe Fit Store.  The shop served a constant stream of patrons. 

In 1963, Tommy built a one-story brick building on the southwest side of the square, and moved his repair shop there.  It is equipped with all the modern power equipment.  However, the old shoeshine stand is still here and used daily.

Tommy was born, July 10, 1917, in Chariton, Iowa, the son of George T. Holder and Pearl Collver.  His father was a railroad worker.  His grandfather, William A. Holder, was born in Tennessee and came to Iowa in 1877; first settling in the Knoxville area and then moving to Lucas County.

December 24, 1939, Tommy married Edna Manley.  Edna was born April 6, 1921, at Hiteman, Iowa, daughter of Joseph Manley and Ada Evans.  Edna was also a graduate of the School for the Deaf in Council Bluffs.  Tommy and Edna were the parents of four children: George T., Jo Anne, Carol and Joseph.  Edna passed away March 11, 1974 at Chariton.  Tommy is now married to Leona Anderson.

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