Friday, August 06, 2010

Russell "A Town of Pride and Progress" (continued)

This is a continuation of the stories about Russell from last month.  These articles appeared in the Russell Union-Tribune (unknown date).

The first school taught in Russell was in the Summer of 1869, by Miss Julia Scott.  It was taught in a building erected for a residence on the lot where the blacksmith shop of E.C. Lewis stood.  In the winter of 1869-70, James May taught in the Presbyterian Church building, which was enclosed but not completed.  In 1872, R.R. Fogg erected the first school building in Russell, a wooden structure, upon the same grounds where the school now sits.  The winter of 1873-74, Andrew Day taught in that building, which a few years later became too small to accommodate the children of the village, and in 1885 an addition was built to it the same size as the original structure.  This was used for school purposes until the year 1898, when the first brick school building was erected.  In 1913, the present structure was erected.  The Methodist church was organized in 1872 by Rev. W.R. Wood, who was the minister in charge of this circuit.

In conclusion, we salute you Russell, the finest town in the state of Iowa.  Long may you live and progress.

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