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Men of Prominence from Lucas County - 1930

Appeared in the Chariton Leader June 3, 1930

This County has Men of Prominence

Many Famous People in the list of  “Who’s Who”, were Born in Lucas County, Iowa

Lucas County has been the birthplace of a number of people who have become famous and have brought honor to their home county. 

Miss Grace Blouse, now of Creston, recently gave us the following names of these native born, who are listed in “Who’s Who In America”.

Nathan E. Kendall, ex-governor of Iowa and ex-congressman, is now of Des Moines.

Dr. Roy Gittinger, Dean of the State University of Oklahoma, at Norman.

Lester J. Dickerson, Algona, Iowa, Lawyer, politician, congressman, and a present candidate for the office of United States Senator.

Charles L. Bartholomew, Minneapolis, Minn., cartoonist, son of the late Col. and Mrs. O.A. Bartholomew.  He is dean of the Federal School of Illustrating and Cartooning at Minneapolis, and his cartoons are extensively used in this country and in Europe.

John L. Lewis, Indianapolis, Indiana, who has been president of the United Mine Workers of America for several years, and his wife is a daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J.C.F. Bell of Lucas.

John H. Morehead, Falls City, Nebraska former state senator and congressman from Nebraska.  He is now governor of that state.

Chas. L. Robbins, Iowa City, Iowa, professor of education on the New York City Training School for Teachers from 1910-1918, and since then employed in the same capacity at the State University of Iowa.  He is also an author and a magazine contributor.

George E. Raitt, Pasadena, California, was the Secretary for the United Presbyterian War Commission in 1917-1918.  For the past nine years he has been Superintendent of Missions, California synod.

Mortimer Wilson, New York, City, musician, composer and conductor who wrote the symphonic score for “The Thief of Baghdad”,  “The Black Pirate”, and other Douglas  Fairbanks’ motion pictures.  His wife was formerly Miss Bettie Lewis, daughter of the late Evan and Corilla Copeland Lewis.

Rev. Frederick B. Palmer, now of Denver, Colorado, a former pastor of the Baptist church here for several years, is also listed.  He is now executive secretary of the Colorado Baptist State Association, having filled that position for eighteen years.  He was born in Mahaska County.

Joe Mitchell Chappie of Washington, D.C., a nephew of the late J.C. Mitchell, and a relative of Mrs. Nettie Douglass, of east Linden Avenue, is well known to many Chariton people, but was not born in this county.  He is now editor of the National Magazine of Boston, Mass., also a writer and lecturer.

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