Monday, November 08, 2010

Early Growth, Prosperity reflected in 1869 Chariton Square

This building, owned by Joseph Brown, housed two businesses: the Brown and Pritchet Meat Market and the office of the Chariton Patriot.  Located on the northwest corner of the square, this was considered a "new" building.

The Brown and Prichet Meat Market, was located downstairs and was apparently a popular gathering place.  Possibly the picture was taken on a Wednesday as people gathered for the latest news, or maybe a fresh load of meat was due in that day.

The office of the newspaper, the Chariton Patriot,   was located upstairs of this "new" building and the paper was published every Wednesday.  Terms of subscriptions were two dollars a  year, in advance.  George B. Ragsdale was the editor and Moses Folsom was the proprietor.

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