Sunday, November 28, 2010

Matilda Lyman, Sheriff Lyman's Wife

The sheriff was born January 10, 1828.  He was elected Sheriff in 1861 when he defeated John May 541 to 486.  The last time Lyman was elected, in 1869, he defeated W.J. Hall 895 yo 596. He was elected four times.

George F. Holmes succeeded Lyman on July 25, 1870 and was sheriff until 1879.

One more note on the horse thief Hiram Wilson, concerning the horse:  the horse was stolen from Fabius, Marion County, Mo.  It was 15¼ hands high, cream colored, had four white feet, saddle marks and a dark mane and tail.

The picture to the right shows Mrs. Matilda Lyman, standing in front of her residence.  She was the wife of Sheriff Gaylord Lyman.

The house appears to be a common example of the 1860's.  It had a plain board fence and wooden gate around the house.  The chimney has loose bricks laying on the roof and the wooden shingles appear to be of low quality.  There is a wooden sidewalk running by the house.

Several prominent people had more elaborate houses with picket fences and at least neater shingles.  Their houses appeared to be painted, with some carving and shutters were common on the windows.

Sheriff Lyman's house had no shutters and didn't appear to be painted, but the sheriff was probably underpaid.

Mrs. Lyman's maiden name was Conat and she was born in Pomeroy, Meigs Co., Ohio February 8, 1834.  She died on the same day in 1911, Mrs. Lyman had much tragedy in her lifetime.

Her husband was shot down at the age of 42.  Two of her five children preceded her in death and her sister Matilda Stephens died at age 38, leaving seven children.

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