Friday, January 21, 2011

Medicare to cut Doctor's pay by 25%

I faxed this article to the Letter to the Editor of our local newspaper three times, once the end of November, and twice in December.  They have never printed it even though I talked to them and they assured me it would appear.  
Please read this carefully if you are on Medicare.   This appeared in an email I received from AARP the end of November.

Don't let Congress Drive Doctors Out of Medicare

AARP believes seniors have earned their Medicare and the security of knowing they'll be able to see the doctors they count on. Unfortunately, doctors who treat Medicare patients will receive a 25% pay cut in 2011 unless Congress acts before the session ends in early December.  I realize the December  session is over, but I think it is still an important enough  problem, a letter could still be sent to let them know how you feel.

This cut is happening because over 10 years ago, Congress created a flawed payment system that can no longer pay doctors what it costs to care for seniors. If Congress doesn't stop the cut, many seniors could lose their doctors or be unable to find a new one when they need it. That's why AARP is working to stop this cut so seniors can have the security they've earned.

Send the message below telling Congress how you feel.  Let your elected leaders know you want them to stop the cut so you can have the peace of mind to keep seeing your doctors.

Send to:  Rep. Richard Arnold   26875 407th Street  Russell, IA  50238
and to Sen. Paul McKinley   21884 483rd Lane   Chariton,  IA  50049
(Below is an example of what you can say)

I'm writing to urge you to stop the cut to Medicare doctors. 

I've worked all my life to earn my Medicare and the security of knowing I'll be able to keep seeing the doctors I count on.  But now, I'm worried because unless you take action before Congress adjourns in December, Medicare doctors will receive a 25% pay cut in 2011, which will mean my doctor will no longer be paid what it costs to treat me.  As one of my representatives in Washington, I believe you have a responsibility to seniors to keep doctors in the Medicare program.  And, even though this election focused on the disagreements between Democrats and Republicans, making sure seniors can see their doctors is something we can all agree on.

Thank you.  (sign your name and mail it today, PLEASE)
While I was in my Doctor's office at the Chariton Family Medical Center today, I noticed a poster stating a similar message and I became concerned for everyone in this area that has a doctor at this facility.  It doesn't mean they won't see us anymore, it just means they want our attention and help to correct the possible problem.
Lynne Wilson, Russell

Hopefully the cut can be prevented.

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