Thursday, May 05, 2011

Congratulations Lucas County Health Center for 50 years of Service

The April 26, 2011 Chariton Leader Newspaper had a large article about the 50 year anniversary of the Lucas County Health Center with pictures.  Pictures showed the inside of the new health center with its modern state-of-the-art nurses station, lobby, patient rooms, new-born incubators; original hospital board of trustees, officers of the Memorial Hospital Foundation, hospital supporters and the present day staff.  There were several articles about patients and the wonderful care they have received through the years from the doctors and the staff at this modern day medical facility. 

The first baby (girl) born in this facility was delivered by Dr. Loren Hermann to Mrs. Raymond Nelson.  She was the 8th child for the Nelson family.  To the Nelsons went an array of gifts sponsored by Chariton and area merchants.  More than 60 merchants participated in the "First Baby Contest" and the gifts ranged from discounts on home appliances to supplies of baby foods, formula, baby blankets and other articles.  In addition to the first baby gifts, a six-months supply of baby food and a $5 gift was given the second child born at the new hospital.  An example of the fine equipment available for the care of the new-born was this nursery incubator, one of two in the hospital.  A second  became available later in the surgical suite.

In the picture to the left, officers of the Memorial Hospital Foundation inspected the contributor's book.  Simple memorial plaques provided a background.  Left to right are: John Woodman of Russell, 1st Vice-president, H.V. Levis, President, F.B. Ryan, 2nd Vice-president, John D. Baldridge, Secretary-Treasurer, all of Chariton.  The Foundation is a non-profit organization founded to give financial support to the hospital.  Annual meetings, election of officers and financial needs will be its continuing purpose.

Members of the memorial hospital Board of Trustees, pictured to the right, met in the dining-meeting room in the basement of the hospital and they managed construction and equipping of the 35 bed unit.  Clockwise at the table, beginning at the front left, are Fred Curtis, Walter Coop, of Russell, chairman Delbert James, secretary Oliver Kent, Oran Garrett, Lloyd Cottingham and Troy Irving.  On the original board, in addition to James, Curtis, Kent and Garett, were Dean Ferguson, Earl Wright and Arthur Keller.

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