Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Come To The Fair

The Lucas County Fair runs from July 30 through August 4th, 2011.  The judging of the open class for Genealogy will take place Monday, August 1.  The judging will begin at 1:00 pm.  Entries may be entered on Sunday evening, July 31 or from 8:00 am until noon on August 1.  I will be at our Genealogy booth both of those times to receive your entries.  To save time at the last minute, who would know better than I, you may return your completed entry forms to the extension office any time after July 1.  If you turn in your forms early, the tags will be printed out so all you need to do is attach them.  You may bring entries in until 12 noon on August 1.  As many of us know, that can work, but takes time to fill out the tags by hand. ( I am making it my goal to have mine all printed out ahead of time this year.  Any one want to take odds on that?).   

Entries are in the fair books or may be found on line at Fair Book (look down right hand side of page - 2011 Lucas County Fair Book - Open Class - Page 25). I have left a number of books in the Genealogy office or they are available at the Extension Office.  I will also bring some to our next meeting on July 11, 2011.  Please feel free to enter as many projects as you wish, one per class.  If you enter more than you complete, there is no penalty and we will take that off your list prior to judging.  I do encourage you to think "Big" when brainstorming possibilities.  Remember each item should have a written 4 x 6 card or one page typed sheet attached describing information about the person(s) or object and the genealogical connections or significance to the exhibitor.  Using research to answer an unknown question about your family can be challenging and very exciting. 

We have Best of Show for both adult and youth categories.  Best of Show winners have been selected form numerous categories such as:  Organized Collection of Genealogical Research Material, Family Record Book, Ancestral Home, Personal Items (violin, carved wooden shoes), Ancestral Photo, Misc. Photo, Family Poster and Visual Displays and more.  Pink ribbons are given for all items considered for Best of Show.  The Photograph Class; Books and Legal Documents; Heirlooms and Artifacts are popular entries.  Genealogical Research Material, Pictures of Life in Early Lucas County, Posters and Visual Mixed Displays are less populated.  Youth may enter not only in the Youth Class but also in Adult Classes if they choose.

Jay DeYoung, our fair judge, will present the program for our July 11 meeting.  He will bring more of his fair entries from the past and is willing to share ideas or brainstorm your potential works in progress or field questions about research ideas or preservation. 

I will also bring the sign up sheet for times you are willing to man our booth.  Be thinking about possibilities.  See you all at the meeting or at the fair.  If you have any questions call me.  My home phone, with answering machine, is 641-862-4448.  See you before or at the fair.  
Ev Brightman

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