Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Tourism Lucas County ads

Tourism Lucas County has added another tour package to the half dozen that have been the attraction for bus tours over the last few years.  Ads for "Murder, Lynching and Witching" will begin to appear in travel magazines within the next few months.

The new tour, which is expected to be one of the most popular will begin at Get Mugged, located in the same building where the lynching of Hiram Wilson took place on July 6, 1870.

While the visitors are having their coffee at Get Mugged, Buzz Malone author of "The Lynching of Hiram Wilson" will be present to tell the story of how Sheriff Gaylord Lyman was shot by Hiram Wilson and how the citizens took the law into their own hands and lynched Hiram Wilson.  Malone will be glad to sign his book for those who are interested.

A visit to Douglas Cemetery along historic Blue Grass Road, will not let visitor's see the stone for  Hiram Wilson because he was buried in an unmarked grave somewhere on the hill in Potter's Field, but they will be greeted by the ghost of Oliver W. Coffman, an Iowa Calvary soldier distinctive because he is among the few Civil War fatalities buried in Iowa.

Visitors will get a tour of the Genealogy area of Chariton's Dale Carnegie Public Library with the opportunity to peek into not only family histories, but also local, state, and national history.

After lunch the tour will go on to the Chariton Cemetery where they will visit the final resting place of Sheriff Gaylord Lyman, followed by a very unusual experience - "witching".  Water witchery was very popular in finding underground water,but there is also grave witching.  Lucas County Genealogy witchers will guide visitors to marked and unmarked stones and let the visitors experience the amazing gift of witching graves - which will reveal the gender of those buried as well as whether the deceased is a child or an adult.

All bus tour schedules allow ample time for visitors to stroll around the Courthouse Square and check out the surrounding businesses.

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