Thursday, August 25, 2011

Old Clothing Store Sign

Charitonians Trying to Bring Back Old Clothing Store Sign to Chariton

A group of Chariton people are working to bring a sign back to Chariton.  The sign hung in the Thomas/Schuholz Clothing Store, which was later Halden and Thomas, for many years.  The store was located on the northwest corner of the square where the Gold Boutique is now.
The sign is now in Tennessee in the Nashville Antique Archaeology store and has a price of $700.  The wording on the sign says "Buy Your Lee overalls from Thomas & Schuholz Chariton, IA".

The Charitonians believe that if 700 people would commit $1 each toward the sign, that it could be brought home.  Of course, larger donations would also be accepted.  A page on Facebook titled "If You Grew Up in Chariton, Iowa, you will remember."  Andy Towle, who lives in Tennessee saw the sign and told his parents.  His parents posted the Facebook page.  
If Charitonians are successful in raising enough money to purchase the sign, then Andy would bring the sign home when he comes home for a class reunion at homecoming the weekend of Sept. 23.

Donations for the purchase of the sign are being sent to Mary Stout Stierwalt, 120 N. Grand, Chariton, IA 50049.  No checks will be cashed until the financial goal of $700 is met.

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