Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thomas/Schuholz Clothing Store Sign

Andy Towle, a former resident of Chariton, is seen holding the sign he brought back to Chariton.  The old sign is in very good condition.   The sign was donated to the Lucas County Historical Society for safe keeping where it will be displayed for all to see.  The picture is very clear and easy to read.  The clothing store was later known as Halden and Thomas.  The store was located on the northwest corner of the square where the Gold Boutique is now.  $700 was raised to purchase the sign which was in the Nashville Antique Archaeology store in Tennessee.  When Mary Stierwalt heard about the sign, it sparked her interest and she wondered how the  money could be raised to purchase the sign.  In talking with Mary Greubel Nance from Oskaloosa, a former CHS graduate, Greubel Nance suggested that 700 people each chip in $1 apiece to buy the sign.  The response was very good and it didn't take long to raise the money.

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