Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ukrainian Festival Celebrates Cultural Diversity

Chariton's Ukrainian community celebrated its's second annual Festival on Saturday, September 17.  The weather was cool with scattered showers, but that did not stop the courthouse square from filling up with people.  Home cooked Ukrainian food was displayed on a large table including home-cooked traditional perogies, some breads, cabbage rolls, borsch, blintz and a variety of other choices.  To wash the food down there was a Ukrainian soft drink known as "Kvass".

Accordians and other musical instruments, native to the Ukrainians, were played giving live music to the crowd. Children and adults were dressed in traditional attire and a speaker shared Ukrainian history.
(Article in the Herald-Patriot, September 22, 2011, was written by Sandra Knebel)

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OB said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! When is the next gathering like that will take place? I'd love to come and bring my husband with me!

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