Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Attention!! Genealogical Research Room Move

On the lower level of the Chariton Library, the music room has always taken up the largest part of the area.  Recently the books and videos have been moved upstairs leaving a large open area.  The Lucas County Genealogical Society has been invited to occupy this space. 

If you try to visit the genealocial research room and no one is there, you will need to check in upstairs and obtain a key to enter the research room.

The volunteers who have always been there to help researchers will still be there to help, but the group is working on setting up volunteer hours to assist you.

The front doors will remain open, as will the doors from the north-side parking lot.  The area to the stairs, the elevator, the meeting room and the restrooms will still be accessable.

Be patient, volunteers are working to get accessability back to normal.  Once everything is arranged, the inconvenience will be worth it.

William M. Johnson, Civil War Vet gets Flag

At 1:10pm, to honor it being 110 years since William Johnson  died, the American flag was placed on the Civil War marker by Darlene Arnold and at 1:11 on 11/11/11 it was waving to honor this long forgotten Vet.  He passed away on August 4, 1901.  A ceremony was held on Veterans day, 2011 at the Chariton Cemetery.  30-35 people were at the event to honor him.

Chariton American Legion Post #102 Commander, Don Garrett read a prayer in honor of Johnson at the ceremony. 

Some people shared their feelings before the flag was placed on the marker.  Chariton resident, Ursula Bingham spoke and said, "I'm not a veteran but my husband Clint is.  I'm really proud of Darlene Arnold and Mary Ruth Pierschbacher for digging into this story about William and making this possible," she said.

Darlene Arnold and Mary Ruth Pierschbacher from the Lucas County Genealogy Society in Chariton, did the research and discovered where Johnson was buried in the Chariton Cemetery and that the grave was unmarked.  Darlene obtained a Civil War marker from the Veterans Affairs in Chariton to put on his grave.

Johnson's great-grandson, Phi Pastoret, will be in Chariton on Memorial Day 2012 when a bronze military plaque should be in place at his gravesite.  Darlene also said that Johnson's great-great granddaughter, Cheryl Nedberg of Indiana might also be in attendance on that day.

(Photos by Bill Howes)