Friday, August 16, 2013

Chariton Cemetery Witching

A bus load of people from across the country came into the cemetery to see a "witching" demo. This was one bus load of people. We had one in on August 5 and have 4 more scheduled in. They all really enjoyed the demo and trying out the "wires" for themselves.

The pictures were taken at the Chariton Cemetery when the bus came on Aug 7. These pictures were taken by Abbee, Karen's four year old grand daughter. They are amazing as she got every person there! Thought you might like to post on the Lucas County Genealogy Blog page. The 3rd picture has the tour guide lady looking down and smiling at Abbee. The guy behind her was the bus driver. Hopefully I will get a good picture of the next bus coming into the cemetery. It is an amazing site to see a big tour bus coming into the cemetery led by Mary Ruth.

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