Tuesday, November 19, 2013

People's Choice Award Winners of Hay Bale Art Contest

Chariton Leader, November 19, 2013
Bill Howes, Associate Editor

The celebrity judging for this contest was held on October 8th.  This is the second year the contest has been held and it will also be held again next year.  Lyle Asell said the contest had two main objectives.  The first is to celebrate the importance of hay and pasture economically and environmentally.  The second is to promote tourism in Lucas County.
The members of the Hay Bale Art Committee include Carl DeJong, Donise Altenhofen, Janice Baillie, Shirley Frederiksen, Tina Slykhuis, Lyle Asell (Chairman), Joe Sellers and Kathleen Chester.
Asell then announced the first, second and third place winners of the Youth, Adult and Business divisions.  The winners in each division received various prizes.  The 1st place winners are shown above with a picture.
The second place winner in the Youth division was the locomotive done by brothers Carver and Sawyer Dow.  The second place winner in the Adult Division was the fisherman and pup done by Lyle and Char Asell.  The second place winner in the Business Division was a smoker done by G.O.S.H. (Good Ol 'Smoke House)
There were three third place winners in the Youth Division.  One was a minion from the movie "Despicable Me" done by the Chariton FFA Chapter.  Another third place winner was a Cub Scout made by the Lucas County Cub Scouts.  The other third place Youth winner was a minion form "Duck Dynasty" done by Madison Briggs.
The third place winner in the Adult Division was a minion done by the Bell sisters.  They include Linda Baynes, Janet Telleen, Bonnie Bell and June Donner.  The third place winner in the Business Division is a Christmas tree done by Hunter Brothers Tree Farm.  The winner of the Sponsor category was Lucas County Farm Bureau.
Asell thanked everyone for their support.
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