Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hay Bale Contestants

I have taken a couple of pictures of this years Hale Bale Contestants.
Hale bale contestants have vivid imaginations and have come up with some unique "Hale Bales"
The Mighty Looking HyVee Truck in front of HyVee is ready to take on any truck in the county.
Mr. Hay Jack is watching over the property at the top of the hill west of Chariton near the Frontier Trading Post.  There are 28 of them located all over the county.  There are maps in lots of the stores in Chariton.   To see more on this 2nd Annual Hale Bale Contest click on the following blog location: 
Hay Jack
Dollar Dog
Spotted Dog

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Our Iowa Magazine Article

The following was copied from the "Our Iowa" magazine

DAYS 1 & 2Des Moines/Bloomfield/Chariton

Had an excellent first day with a very good group of 42 travelers.

After a great Day 1 welcome reception and a good night's sleep, our group was warmly welcomed in Chariton on Day 2 at two strong stops: Piper's Candies and our demonstration by the "grave witchers" at the Chariton Cemetery.

A former grocery store, bakery and slaughterhouse, Piper's had played an important role in the life of this community since 1903, but evolved into its current role as a premier candy store in the years right after World War II.  Owner Jill Kerns and her crew showed us the subtle art of making hand-dipped chocolates. We saw how their chocolates, caramels and toffee are carefully crafted, and enjoyed some tasty samples after. See the photo to the left and the photos on the Piper's online candy store...
OIA Aug2013 Pipers Candies SUIt was hard to get people out of there! 
Later, at the cemetery, Darlene Arnold and Mary Ruth Pierschbacher gave a “grave witching” demonstration. The group watched in stunned silence while they explained the practice of locating unmarked graves with wire tools similar to divining rods. Then, everyone had the opportunity to try for themselves...a lot of mouths opened in amazement as their wires moved while they walked above graves. The fine wires are shown in the photo to the right.

OIA Aug2013 GraveWitching SUThen it was off to Honey Creek State Park. After lunch, we enjoyed presentation by their college-aged activity director (Josh, who's off tomorrow to begin studies to become a nuclear scientist!), and some time to walk outside along Rathbun Lake, one of Iowa's largest.  
Go to the following web address to see the  Country Travel Discoveries Web Site.