Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Chariton's National Register of Historic Places Nomination Receives State Nod

Chariton Leader, February 18, 2014
Kris Patrick, Staff Writer

Intrepid Chariotn supporters made their way through slippery and slushy roads to witness the hearing for Chariton's National Register of Historic Places nomination  (formally known as Lucas County Courthouse Square Historic District).
Architectural historian Molly Myers Naumann was unable to present the nomination due to the weather.  Meyers Naumann has spent the better part of a year preparing Chariton's nomination for historic District status.  In lieu of Myers-Naumann's presence, Alyse Hunter and Frank Meyers narrated the power point presentation.
The State Nominations Review Committee has had the report for several weeks and had reviewed it before the hearing.  Friday's formal hearing before the State Nominations Review Committee, was a crucial event in the process.
Attending the hearing from Chariton was Mayor Roger Manser, Ruth Comer and Ray Meyer, Alyse Hunter, Frank Meyers, Kris Patrick, Vern and Barb Vogel and Karen Wilker.
Meyers Naumann has reviewed the nomination with the State Historical Society of Iowa staff making changes along the way to reflect their input.
Hunter and Meyers were able to answer questions from review committee members concerning street pattern, which was a pivotal point in Chariton history, but not apparent to those living outside Lucas County, description of wooden awning structures found at various points on our square and the omission of the seven exterior iron and stone stairways found on all sides of our town square.
The review committee approved the application and it will make its way to the National Park Service after Meyer Naumann makes the recommended amendments and the state approves it.
The nomination is a long involved process and the Chariton group is very pleased with the outcome of the hearing.
Meyers Naumann has stated several times that she does not take on a project that she doesn't think will make it through the process.

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