Monday, April 14, 2014

$7,500 Approved For an Athletic Facilities Plan

Chariton Leader, April 29, 2014
Sandra Knebel, Staff Writer

  While the Chariton Community School District has achieved many successes in recent years, including the renovation of the entire High School, administrators told the Board of Directors at their April 14 meeting that there is still a major area upon which the disyrict can improve the athletic facilities.
  In making their request to the Board to invest $7,500 in a professionally designed sports facilities plan.  CHS Principal Tracy Hall and Assistant Principal and Activities Director, Tim Milledge, did not find it necessary to add the obvious:  the importance of sports in the life of a student.  Young athletes learn values like discipline, responsibility, self confidence, sacrifice and accountability.
  The recommendation, according to Hall and Milledge, was the result of discussions with a group of community members.  With very little discussion, the board approved hiring the DLR Group in Des Moines, architects, for master planning services for the purpose of evaluating proposed and existing facility upgrades to multiple athletic facilities within the school district.
  Schematic design, design develpment, construction documents, bidding and construction phase services, will be dependent on the conclusion of master planning services and the successful passage of district funding activities.  The funding activity would most likely be a bond referendum, possibly as soon as September of 2014.
  The master planning project consists of evaluating proposed and existing facility upgrades to athletic facilities as follows:  Athletic Site Facilities, High School Gymnasium Community Center, and Buildings.
  Since there was minimal discussion at the Board meeting regarding the $7,500 unanimous vote, Board President, Dr. Craig Scott, was asked to comment on the athletic facilities.  Dr. Scott prefaced his comments by saying that the school district's board of directors cannot take a stand for or against any referendum that may result in the adoption of the athletic facilities plan.  "Whatever I say at this time or any time in the future," he explained "Is to provide facts, figures, and information about it, but neither I nor any of the other board members will take a stand for or against it.  If the group comes to the board with a recommendation of bond issue or something of that nature, our role is only to serve as a pass through agent.  We can set a date for a referendum, but that is all."

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